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I'm 24 years old. Sarcasm is my second language. I love my friends & family, California, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, Hart of Dixie, New Girl & The OC.Holly Marie Combs is my inspiration.

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Okay… I guess I’ll do it… If I have to… Lol <3

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  ∟ 3x19 -Delena kiss

This was probably one of the hottest moments in TV history. <3


One day you’ll findI was the oneBut tomorrow will rainAnd I’ll follow the sun


One day you’ll find
I was the one
But tomorrow will rain
And I’ll follow the sun

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I love that my dashboard is full of his pictures! <3

My heart is overwhelmed with last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

I’m literally sitting on my bed not knowing what to do next. Because I will definitely go crazy waiting for next week. Aaahh! :P

P.S.: If Damon dies, I will STOP watching that show. I mean really, they CANNOT kill off Ian Somerhalder!!

Alright, rant over…

I desperately want him to be mine. He&#8217;s the sexiest vampire ever. &lt;3

I desperately want him to be mine. He’s the sexiest vampire ever. <3

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