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I'm 24 years old. Sarcasm is my second language. I love my friends & family, California, Grey's Anatomy, Friends, Charmed, Gilmore Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, Hart of Dixie, New Girl & The OC.Holly Marie Combs is my inspiration.

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Miss Elena Gilbert / Episode stills 4.17 “Because the Night”

She’s perfect <3

  ∟ 3x19 -Delena kiss

This was probably one of the hottest moments in TV history. <3


I think this is my favorite Stefan/Elena scene ever!

Even though I’m Team Delena, this scene almost made me cry.


One day you’ll findI was the oneBut tomorrow will rainAnd I’ll follow the sun


One day you’ll find
I was the one
But tomorrow will rain
And I’ll follow the sun

(Source: freebirdii)

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